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Hemp Farming In Vermont

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

It was 2018 when my endeavor into growing hemp truly began. Prior to that, I was mostly collecting and preserving landrace strains. Making seed for trade and sharing. I had also gathered quite the collection of seed hemp and fiber hemp varieties mostly European hemp that had low overall oil content. At that time I was not familiar with high content CBD hemp. It was in 2018 at the Middlebury Farmers Market that I met several gentlemen interested in making hemp products. Lucky timing really as the popularity of CBD was just on the rise. Vermont Pure CBD was formed that year. My official day Job. Our mission was always to provide the most effective and safe product possible. Organically grown, Ethanol extracted, and responsibly made. Little did we know that the popularity and demand would grow exponentially that following year and that many other companies in Vermont would join the "green rush" to grow and process CBD Hemp. As we developed our systems for growing, extraction, and production it became apparent that our venture may prove to be a sustainable enterprise. My background from years of cultivation and experience in running a company with decent success has given me considerable insight into the still-rising popularity of cannabis in Vermont.

It is now 2021 and I have decided to bring back the ambition and love I have for seed saving and mushroom propagation. Passions that would never have blossomed so fully without the great communities of and Share The Thank you for your interest in Few True Seeds.

Although hemp can grow in almost any climate Vermont poses several challenges in terms of the types of hemp ideal for this region. Because of the short season and potential killing frost in the fall, early flowering hemp strains are essential. Many hemp strains that were being bred and grown in Vermont in the first several years of the "green rush" including Boax and Brandywine Hemp were not optimal. The access to small amounts of affordable seed pushed hemp farmers to grow strains such as these that were not only low in oil content but in yield as well. Access to affordable quality feminized seed in small amounts was essentially nonexistent. Many hemp farmers including myself bought seeds that proved not to be as advertised. Investing large amounts of capital with little or no end result yield.

This was only one of the factors that contributed to the overall decline of hemp growers in the following years. Many were expecting that the trimmed flower industry would rival that of the black market THC and jumped at the opportunity to sell biomass without having a buyer for that year's crop. Those that branded locally and created products from Vermont sourced hemp found a place in the competitive market here in Vermont. Those that outsourced or imported isolate CBD were certainly less likely to succeed.

Vermont is a special place. We are proud farmers that value local and quality products. We want organic, transparent, and friendly. With this in mind, Few True Seeds is dedicated to supporting smaller farmers in Vermont and abroad with affordable high-quality high oil content compliant hemp cultivars that are appropriate for this region.


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