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How do i calculate THC/CBD per dose in baking?

How do i know how much is in an edible? For accurate and safe dosing it is very important to know exactly how much of a cannabinoid you and your friends are ingesting when eating edibles. Using the calculator is an easy way to determine accuracy when baking with cannabis. 

First you must know the potency of the cannabis you are using, whether it is flower, hash, or concentrate you are using to infuse into your treats. If you are extracting and sifting out cannabis flower with oil or butter it is important to understand that after the flower is removed from the oil only a fraction of cannabinoids (roughly 60%) are extracted from that material. Lets say for example that we are using 8g of flower that is 7% CBD and 10% THC. Knowing that each gram is equal to 1000mg we can say that we have 8000mg of flower. Calculating the percentage of each cannabinoid in milligrams is then made simple. 8000 x .07 (7%) CBD= 560mg CBD in our oil. 8000 x .10 = 800mg of THC. Lets pretend that we have infused 1 of butter necessary to make a batch of 80 cookies. Because only 60% or so of the cannabinoids are extracted from cannabis material in this way we can assume that only 336mg of CBD and 480mg THC is now in that butter. We can now divide each cannabinoid by the total number of cookies to get the individual dose for each cookie. 480mg THC / 80 Cookies = 6mg THC for each, and 336mg CBD / 80 Cookies = 4.2mg CBD. 

The calculator to the left can calculate individual cannabinoids or total cannabinoids per batch to make your baking edibles experience easier. 

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