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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Medicinal Mushrooms

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Wild Turkey Tail Mushroom - A potent medicinal mushroom
Wild Turkey Tail Mushroom - A potent medicinal mushroom

What should i look for when buying Medicinal Mushroom Products?

Many mushroom products may contain fillers or unnecessary additives on their products. It is foremost important to look at the ingredients to ensure it is exactly what is claimed on the product. Secondly find products that are extracted using both ethanol and water extraction combined. These two methods of extraction extract different compounds from the mushroom, and when combined create a entourage effect that is more beneficial. Extracted mushroom supplements are also more effective than dried powder mushrooms as they are more bioavailable to the body. Lastly avoid products that are extracted solely from mushroom mycelium as they lack the beta-glucans of mushroom fruit bodies. Triterpenoid compounds and active polysaccharides are essential to the medicinal value of mushrooms.

How long do medicinal mushrooms take to work?

The effects of medicinal mushrooms compounds and may take several weeks to notice any effects. Its important to understand that mushrooms are foremost a preventative measure against imbalance in the body. As they regulate immune and other bodily functions it is not uncommon to experience relief from daily stressors. How often should you take medicinal mushrooms? Whats is a good dose?

Medicinal mushrooms can be taken daily and have virtually no side effects. A typical dose is anywhere from 125mg to 2000mg of dried mushroom daily. This provides approximately 25mg - 400mg of beta-glucans per serving. It is also recommended that a week long break be taken from ingesting medicinal mushrooms ever four to six months.

Which medicinal mushrooms are widely used?

Medicinal mushrooms have been used widely by many cultures for thousands of years. Their popularity in recent years has resurfaced as popularity for alternative medicines have risen. As a result many more studies have been conducted and new discoveries are made revealing the immense pharmaceutical potential of these amazing fungi.

The Top 7 Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Lion's Mane.

  • Reishi.

  • Cordyceps.

  • Chaga.

  • Turkey Tail.

  • Shiitake.

  • Maitake.

How effective are medicinal mushrooms?

Research has shown that eating certain functional mushrooms can help to strengthen immune systems, so your body is better able to ward off illnesses. Can you take medicinal mushrooms together?

Yes! Taking multiple types of mushrooms together is a popular blended supplement strategy. Mushrooms can work together synergistically within the body to create a compounding effect. Negative interactions between different mushrooms in the body is virtually nonexistent.

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