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This Do It yourself Home Made Greenhouse is our solution for a structurally tough and cheap build for the everyday  gardener or cultivator. 

This PDF contains the instructions necessary to construct a very sturdy wooden frame 24’x 16’ 10ft high greenhouse for $1000. Unlike steel frame structures, wooden construction frames can be repaired more easily if damaged.  After many years of cheaply constructed hoop houses damaged by wind, snow, and falling trees, we have developed this model as a sturdy solution for any cultivator or gardener. Constructed in a dry place clear of falling debris this greenhouse should easily last ten or more years. See the accompanying video for a visual walkthrough.

Some background in construction and using power tools is necessary to build this greenhouse. Please note all angles and measurements for 2x4 construction are measured from the long point (LP). Please use caution and wear protective gear while using power tools. Enjoy!

Home Made Greenhouse DIY Plans

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